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A net is one of those pieces of gear that you just have to have. In this day of catch and release and focussing more and more (as you should be) on the welfare of the fish you catch, a good, well thought out net is as important as the rod, reel and sunglasses you buy.

I have gone through my fair share of nets over the years and to be honest, in New Zealand we are pretty limited in what we have available to us. This is why I started to look overseas, particularly towards the States, for options. A buddy of mine pointed me in the direction of 'Rising' gear a couple of summers ago and I instantly liked what they are about.

Quality products that are made with a lot of thought for both the fish AND the angler. They make tools, storage accessories and apparel but I want to talk about their nets in particular today...

Let's start with the hoop - you have size options to play with. The 'Brookie' hoop is 16" long, tapers from 10" to 5" in width and has a 10" handle which is bang on for those fish up to a couple of pounds or so. Then you upgrade to the 'Lunker' hoop which is definitely what you need if you are fishing New Zealand waters! The Lunker is 21" long, the width tapers from 13.5" to 9" and the standard handle is 24".

The Lunker hoop will hold BIG fish no problem

Although the standard handle length is 24", you can change it up if need be..

For example, I got the Lunker hoop and added a a Brookie handle to suit me. I do a lot of walking, bush bashing and scrambling around so the longer handle would just get in my way too much. The beauty of the boys at Rising is that they are happy to put things together to suit whatever style of fishing you do.

Your gig is mainly boat fishing...? Then go for the Boat Net and handle - The Lunker hoop will accomodate any fish and the extra long handle makes it easy to net your fish from your seat.

Prefer a two handed approach to netting your client/buddy's fish....? Then go with the 24" handle on your Lunker hoop and also use it to help you wade while you are at it.

Ok, so now you have chosen what sort of hoop and handle best suits you, now you can think about some of the cooler stuff......Colours, logo's and and extras!!

All net frames and handles are made out of anodised aluminium so they are light AND also bulletproof!! There are a great range of colours to choose from therefore you can custom make the look of your net to so that it is unlike any other's out there! Super sweet right?!

If you have a logo or design that you want on the handle to make it even more personalised then send the vector file in with you order and BOOM, you have something truly unique!

Personalise your net with a logo to make it one of a kind!

I REALLY like the large mesh rubber netting they use - super kind to the fish in the fact that it doesn't scrape the protective slime off them, doesn't get caught up in their fins or tail and split them or catch on teeth or gills in any way either. A huge bonus point in my books! You can choose from black or white mesh, shallower or deeper bags and get replacements whenever needed. Another great thing about them is that they don't get all smelly and stink out your truck (due to the fact that the slime stays on the fish, exactly where it should be!)


Little added things show that a lot of thought has gone into it and go a long way to making them stand out.

  • The Gasket sealed end-cap makes for water-proof storage in the handle. 24" holds 6 oz of liquid - Stream Side Flask! Winter fishing hacks....Damn right!

  • You can buy a handle extension that screws in to the end of your current handle. That way you can turn your wading net in to a two handed net or even a boat net at will....Brilliant!!

  • Knurled texture for grip - even when your hands are freezing cold, you are not likely to drop this bad boy!

  • Unconditional Warranty - Not that you will need it but peace of mind that if something does break, that Rising has your back!

It's so refreshing to find a product that is not only different from the rest but is made to withstand a beating and keep on delivering trip after trip. I have had stuff fall apart on me in the middle of nowhere at just the wrong times and I really don't have to worry about that happening with this gear.

Tried and Tested on New Zealand calibre fish

Rising nets are simply built like a tank by anglers who know EXACTLY what anglers need and all wrapped up in a product that is every bit as cool as fly fishing is!!

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