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Putting an electric motor on your boat, could just about be the best decision you make and will definitely change the way you fish....period!

Whether, like me, you fish mainly in the shallows or target your fish in deeper water, a Minn Kota makes your life so much easier and your ability to target fish so much more effective. You can move around silently and in complete control using the I-Pilot remote control and the touch of a button see's you speed up, slow down, change direction or hold your position via the anchor setting.

I hang my remote around my neck on it's lanyard and that allows me quick and easy access all the time. I can control what's happening with one hand whilst holding a rod in the other. This lets me be ready to fish at a moment's notice and in a game where my window of opportunity is mere seconds, it dramatically increases my odds of success.

You can also set a course, track on a heading as well as link it up to work alongside your sounder using the I - Link feature. I was speaking to a guy at the boat ramp the other day that uses it 30km off shore to anchor over structure while they jig for kingfish!

It is also a game changer in freshwater, especially lake fishing. Holding over a gps mark while you jig for trout, harling at change of light at the exact speed you need or trolling and downrigging where you need to follow a drop off, a MInn Kota will do it all with ease. As a fly fisherman, it gives me total control to put myself in a position to get my fly in front of fish, no matter where they are and that is worth it's weight in gold.

They are incredibly easy to engage and stow away and I have yet to run the battery out, even with a whole day of hard, almost constant use. The guys at Trev Terry did a top job of installing it all for me and did so in no time at all. I would definitely recommend that you get them to do this for you as they know what they are doing and do it well.

I spent a couple of years getting by without an electric motor on my boat and did ok but within an hour of being out on the water with one fitted, I wished I had made the decision to get one a lot sooner! Now I can't imagine fishing without it and anyone that I have fished with since getting it has been blown away by what a difference it makes.

If you like to fish and have a boat, then do yourself a HUGE favour and invest in a Minn Kota.

If you like to fish and don't have a boat, then buy a boat and get a Minn Kota put on it!!

I promise you that you will be stoked that you did.

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