Fly fishing is awesome aye…!

I do it a lot! So I thought I would create this website as somewhere to record my adventures, ideas, thoughts and opportunities. It is also a place to post blog articles and somewhere that you can visit to waste a few minutes of your day and get you inspired about getting out there and doing it yourself. If you are thinking about a trip to this amazing place and need a guide, get in touch and let me help you plan your adventure and lets get out there and explore!


It was a typical late season, early morning in the South Island.  Fog lay heavy over the hills but you… Read More

The End Game

  Over the last few months I've written about physically  preparing yourself for a season on the river, what things I take… Read More

It’s All About The Approach

One of the most important things to consider when working your way up a river looking for trout is your… Read More